Welcome to The BodyWorks Wellness Center

Welcome to The BodyWorks Wellness Center

Welcome to The BodyWorks Wellness CenterWelcome to The BodyWorks Wellness CenterWelcome to The BodyWorks Wellness Center

Your Therapeutic & Corrective  Massage Connection 

to Mind, Body & Spirit

About Me


Carl Arena is a Master BodyWorker & Massage Therapist

An expert specializing in the Healing Arts of Bodywork and Massage for over 25 years, 

Carl Arena is a CMT, (Certified Massage Therapist), ABW, (Advanced BodyWorker) & HHP (Holistic Huna Practitioner). 

He is certified in several advanced massage techniques including the proper use of CBD oils and creams.

His skill in the application of advanced modalities allows your body to re-pattern itself and heal naturally. 

In many cases his work can help you avoid surgery. 

The use of CBD and anti -inflammatory creams can replace many addictive pharmaceuticals and pain medications.


The Sensitive Integration Method of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue, Acupressure (Tui-Na) and Myofascial Release Unwinding are applied to address the specific origins of pain and discomfort in your body.

In order to provide you with the best and most effective experience as a new client you are encouraged to discuss your recent history of injuries. So that together we can best address your specific issue.


Experience, Knowledge, Skilled Application with a Proven Track Record of Success

TECHNO-NECK - A condition describing the recent increase in neck, shoulder, and jaw/eye strain. Commonly caused by tension, muscle fatigue, combined with a gooseneck like posture of leaning forward with head tilted downward. This posture often occurs during prolonged computer work, texting, or cell phone use. 

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The goal of CBD Oils/ Salves and other alternatives to pain management is to melt away blockages of muscle tension by increasing nerve, lymphatic and blood flow. They are extremely therapeutic and an effective way to decreases muscle toxins, as they increases oxygen levels in the blood, while relieving chronic discomfort and reoccurring pain associated  with arthritis, migraine and joint inflammation throughout the body. They are also a very effective way to enjoy a full nights sleep.



Intuitive readings are a specialty which I have provided for many years, they are effective in determining life strategies, knowing your physical and mental patterns and your personality preferences.


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